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"Re-Creations" 21June - 23 July 2005. "Paris" Art Gallery, Sofia

The Art of Boyko Kolev

It has not been that long since I first saw Boyko Kolev’s art works. It was then that I was greatly impressed by his interesting achievements as an artist and must say, at that time, Boyko Kolev made a very successful opening exhibition. This is what today impresses us most and it deserves our attention.
I strongly believe the paintings that brought us all here today in this small gallery are a phenomenon and we are actually guests at a very big exhibition.
Imagine we are all listening to a concert and we are enjoying the performance of an excellent musician. This excellent musician is Boyko Kolev, who is opening his talents to us and, above all – his enormous love to multi-color symphonies in the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci.
Exibitions like this one are not often organized in our country, nor abroad. Maybe we have to think more about the talent, skills, will and love of the artist, which he needed to interpret the extremely difficult philosophical messages in Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces.
Though it appears incredible and impossible to repeat the Genius of the Renaissance, we are now witnesses of a very careful reading and, to a great extent – a professional interpretation of the composition, color and esthetic impression – all this extracted from the original in its thoroughness.
I would say that these professional replicas of Leonardo da Vinci would be an exceptional luxury in any contemporary home today. Many of these pieces that we see here are no longer in Boyko Kolev’s possession.
I would like to emphasize the obvious artistic abilities of Boyko Kolev and to make a prediction for his future development as an artist since he has already chosen the school of Leonardo da Vinci, the artist of all times. These great works will give Boyko Kolev, the artist, exceptional technical and artistic means, as well as creative perspectives for his future growth as an artist. This prediction of mine is, at the same time, my wish for a successful future which will grow beyond all predictions – and this is exactly what we all wish for him.


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