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10 november Ė 24 november 2011, MCM, Sofia

With special thanks to Igor Markovski (Apollo and Mercury) and Ivan Moskov (PRODOMO)

Boyko Kolev

Born on Thursday at 2:10 AM
Height - 177 cm
Eyes - brown
Hair - long

During my childhood computers hadnít been discovered yet (who knows where they were hidden) and I had to paint all day. I didnít like cones and plastic submachine guns Ė even back then I was a pacifist. In adolescence I continued to paint, although I had to do other non-specific things such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, Russian ...
Around that time I fell in love - permanently. They accepted me in the army, and later realized I was a pacifist, my gun was taken from me in an instance and I was given an atelier to paint. Back then most of the military were also pacifists ... I love Bulgaria! I'm glad Iím in this surreal multi-colored place where no one is in his place.
After military service, my parents refused for the second time to give bribes and they accepted me in the Academy. A blessing in disguise! I graduated the World Academy following the advice of the old masters. There I was able to choose my teachers. I highly recommend this Academy to all who are engaged in painting. So ... A long time of painting pictures had passed until at one point it occurred to me to paint photographs. And .. Here I am now. Who knows what next year will be likeÖ

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