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21 June - 18 July 2012, "Le Papillon" Art Gallery - Varna

Color, accuracy, image detail, creator of the perfect illusion of reality on canvas. These are the paintings of Boyko Kolev! Gallery "Le Papillon" is pleased to present one of the best masters of the brush, in a one man hiperrealist exhibition, which will open on June 21 at 18:00 pm inVarna on Street Dragoman 12. His paintings are copyrighted ambience of the modern era, He is an artist of our time, the source of his inspiration. With rare professionalism and considerable skill in the use of color, through the play of light and shadow and refracted through the personal look and feeling of the author, he creates intriguing compositions with crystal clear images and impressive technique in which it is difficult to imagine how are all painted with oil on canvas.
The topics and themes in his paintings are in the style of "Pop Art" of everyday objects, drawn by the artist to the level of interesting artwork. Provocative as ... a pile of paving stones for instance, towards which you instinctively reach out to touch them, or a melting ice cube, loose crystal particles from a lump of sugar, even reflections from various materials and surfaces, the human eye is difficult to capture.
Does the artist compete with modern photography or is he a true challenge for passionate people in the search of the perfect illusion within reality? For fans of his art surely the verdict is in favor of the artist. If we follow the chronology of the development of art, hyperrealism is popular worldwide and known as a style in the second half of the twentieth century, sometime after "Pop Art" and following aesthetic principles of "photorealism" with elements of "Surrealism", but the term in art is used since 1973.
The challenge, however, and the desire to create the perfect visual image that is closest to reality has accompanied the work of artists through the ages, even today with technology, debates on the functions of realism in modern art continues. In addition to his copyright works in hyper-realistic style, Boyko Kolev is known as a master in making copies of paintings from various artists and styles dating - Leonardo da Vinci, Pieter Bruegel, Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt…

Victoria Miteva

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