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"Lost" 13-23 December 2012, "Gaya" Gallery - Sofia

Boyko Kolev is an amazing bird that flies in the drawn and imaginary sky above Bulgaria.
Drawn form someone else, imagined, as it has far too many clouds these days. You didn't acknowledge the word 'amazing' which applies to a bird, but non the less to Boyko as well. There are such birds, the fly in fear of landing - the wandering albatross (Diomedea exulans) - this is Kolev.
His world is not a fairytale one, he doesn't hunt hyperbolas, or metaphors, he is photographically accurate - capturing a moment and delivering it to canvas. Actually his canvas is his soul - one time to small, another vastly big. And you'll find a breath of air everywhere. Kolev's paintings breathe, feel joy, and sometimes even cry. Similar to Lewis Carrol he makes us go beyond the mirror and encounter his lost world. Where the spark in your eye is caught on canvas and starts glimmering. Without realizing it you're a character
in Kolev's world. This world or the other - that is the question... One exhibition time and you won't be able to tell where you are.
You'll need a compass, or a map... Or do you really... A shadow passes you by and if you look up you might see him - the wandering, fantastic, filigree and infinite artist, the student of that ancient Greek painter. Zeuxis, who painted grapes and the birds, flew down in attempt to grab it. Boyko won't take anything from you, actually he will give you. Take while it's time, regardless in this world or the other, in this life or another, take now!

                                                                                                                                     Igor Markovski

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