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"TEN" - 22 May - 15 June 2013, Art Gallery "Paris", Sofia

I do not want to talk about some complex and ambiguous psychological and philosophical messages of what I have tried to recreate in my paintings. In fact, you know better than me what I did. I have always wanted to paint and you to tell me how you feel things - not me telling you what to think and feel. This is the feedback that gives more ideas to me and to you as well.
I'll tell you what I was excited about when I painted exactly these new paintings. I think often about illusion. Illusion that makes you believe or faith that gives you strength illusionary to escape from the world around you in order to believe and go where ever you're going. The illusion of freedom leads to tragicomic Don Quixote. However, "freedom is the highest good", so incomplete illusion of freedom or the illusion of semi freedom works for me. So, I came to the unfinished illusion. I thought to name the exhibition just that but I had to explain to you too much shenanigans. That ‘s why I named it TEN. The fact that you will see nine paintings is an illusion, they’re ten and some of them are deliberately unfinished...

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